Saturday, October 31, 2015

Works Online

Little Anthems (six poems) in Mudlark (Flash 100)
Things To Do When You’re A Poet, Sorry, Empty Among, File Under Loss, and Balancing Act in Offcourse #64
• Now and Query in Noon #11

• Invictus, I Guess; Dear Reader; Why Are Some Things Fragments; and Wahoo Sunset in Otoliths #39
• What Is Hard To Avoid in The Helios Mss #1

Cow Shoe and Moon Shot in SCUD Feb 2013
Video Glass in Eratio #16

Comic Black Furnace (Rothko Suite); On Meeting Aram Saroyan; Polaroids; Good Scream; and Untitled (White and Black) in Otoliths #27
Quest, To See the with the Far Removed and Sing, and The Chains under the Water in Blue & Yellow Dog #10
On Meeting Ted Berrigan, Meditative Chatter, small town siberia, Good Luck with Your Chaos, and Three Suburban Shaman Songs (PDF) in BlazeVOX12 Fall 2012
Concupiscent Fire in The Boiler issue V
Cringe in The New Verse News
Monster Gardens and “It was going on five in the morning” at Truck
• Stars, What I Wanted To Say Before, and Gung-Ho Contingency Plan in UCity Review #4
Apterous Dragonfly at Everyday Genius
At Home and Metaphysical Skill Set at Gobbet
Down with Matter in Stirring v14 #3/4
Q.E.D., Salome, and Pharmacie du Soleil from SUNWORK at On Barcelona

Three pieces from SUNWORK in RECONFIGURATIONS #5
Eight pieces from SUNWORK in Otoliths #23
Year of the Rabbit in TINGE #2
Swinging Lullaby, Garbage Night, and Scattered Thumbnail in Mudlark (Flash 63)
On Meeting Robert Creeley at Juked
Gravitational Hum at Mad Hatters’ Review Blog
Cambial Mirror and Hellacious Evergreen at Mad Hatters’ Review Blog
• Two dreams: [“100th Greatest Poet of All Time Berrigan”] and [A poet who goes, who grows, who glows] at Annandale Dream Gazette

On Meeting Charles Simic, On Meeting Charles Wright, On Meeting Elizabeth Bishop, and On Meeting John Ashbery in Failbetter

Body Ammo in The New Verse News
Spy and The Scream, 1978 in Alba #16
Mallarmé Died Today at Sephyrus

Little Devils, My Angels, A First Morning, and Both Ends in Shadowtrain #19
Tag in We #19 (later posted w/ audio at Sephyrus).
• "Rash" from Sappho Does Hay(na)ku in Seconds [dead link]
The Stone Wall Builder’s Song in Shampoo #31
4:45 in Lily v4, #9
Muse Touches Kills at 3by3by3
several poems from Sappho Does Hay(na)ku at Joe Brainards Pyjamas
First Love and Five Songs . . . in Not Just Air #6
• Three dreams: [Running through a field...], [Soon we are tossing and turning...], and [Stumble through the hall...] in Annandale Dream Gazette

eight poems from Sappho Does Hay(na)ku in Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks #2
. . . Who Would Be a Suicide and Notes Toward Being Lost in Contemplation in Hamilton Stone Review #10
• Nirvana Rondeau Cento in 21 Stars Review (#1)
[At the Bridgewater fair] at Poem Cube (click "load saved poems" then "view: favourites")

• What Whole? What Sum? What Parts? in Eratio #4
Part in Shampoo #22
Art Requires At Least Three Quarters of a Person and Dear Jack Kerouac, C’est Rien in Can We Have Our Ball Back #19

Sleep Backward Peels in Shampoo #18
Surrealism Du Jour in Stirring v5, #12
Ophelia in Connecticut in Dicey Brown #5

What Is and Vault (scroll down or search for "Keeney" in Milk #2 (pdf)

Phoenix/Records in Rio #1
Five Songs By Tristan Who? in The Free Cuisinart #19